Call 800.771.7711 or the Bingo Hotline 800.782.1938 for more information.

Oneida Indian High Stakes Bingo is rated number 3 in the World! It features comfortable seating in smoking and non-smoking rooms, convenient snack bar food service and the friendliest staff around.

Open 7 Days A Week! Doors Open at 9:00am.

Mark in the Dark Late Night Bingo

Turning Stone has taken the night club experience and hooked it up with the fun of Bingo in the all new Mark in the Dark Bingo. Saturday nights will never be the same. There’ll be tons of prizes and a dance competition! Bring your squad for a night of thumping music, cocktails and fun.

Doors open at 9:30pm and game starts at 10:30pm.

Schedule (3rd Saturday of the month)

  • April 18 - Ladies Night
  • May 16 - Arabian Nights
  • June 20 - Superheroes
  • July 18 - Carnival
  • August 15 - Bikini Bingo
  • September 19 - Pajama Party
  • October 17 - Halloween
  • November 21 - Neon Nights
  • December 19 - Naughty or Nice
Bingo 30th Anniversary Bash!

Saturday, May 30 • Matinée Session

Regular games pay $3,000 with a $1,000 second chance.

Jackpot Pays $30,000 Must Go!
Over $150,000 in cash and prizes available. $5,000 in door prizes including TVs, iPads, tablets, Apple watches, gift cards and more!

Paper $99 or Electronic $105

Presale at the Turning Stone Box Office. Receive $30 in Bingo Bucks with presale and a commemorative coin. Reserve your Electronic in advance.

Limit 1 $30 in Bingo Bucks and coin per-person.

Boogie Bingo

Every 1st Saturday of the month, sales begin at 9:00pm, doors open at 10:15pm and games start at 10:45pm.

When the lights go out, the black lights come on! The cards and ink are fluorescent! DJ Bill T and Emcee Jammin Joe will be playing awesome music and we’ll have drawings and contests!

Admission Packages

Paper - $15

  • 6 Cards Regular Games
  • 1 Last Man Standing
  • 1 Double Action
  • 3 Triangle Special
  • 3 Layer Cake
  • 3 Champagne Jackpot
  • 0-69 Hotball

Electronic - $25

  • 18 Cards Regular Games
  • 2 Last Man Standing
  • 2 Double Action
  • 6 Triangle Special
  • 6 Layer Cake
  • 6 Champagne Jackpot
  • 0-69 Hotball

Electronic Big Dog - $50

  • 51 Cards Regular Games
  • 3 Last Man Standing
  • 3 Double Action
  • 9 Triangle Special
  • 9 Layer Cake
  • 9 Champagne Jackpot
  • 0-69 Hotball

Add-Ons & Specials
Available on Paper & Electronic


  • Extra 6-On - $5
  • Last Man Standing - $1
  • Double Action - $1
  • Traingle Game 3-On - $2
  • Layer Cake 3-On - $2
  • Champagne Jackpot 3-On - $2

Special Games Booster - $10

  • 2 Last Man Standing
  • 2 Double Action
  • 6 Triangle Specia
  • 6 Layer Cake
  • 6 Champagne Jackpot

Theme Nights

  • June - Prom Night
Happy Birthday Bingo & Lucky Clerk

Happy Birthday Bingo and Lucky Clerk add up to a whole lot of fun every Thursday!

Happy Birthday Bingo

For your birthday we want to celebrate YOU all month long with Birthday Bingo every Thursday! If the current month is your birth month, Thursday is your day to play! Every session you play for the whole month on every Thursdays receive:

  • FREE Level 1 buy-in
  • Special Book
  • Warm-up

That's right, every Thursday, every session!

No matter the day of the week, if you play on your actual birthday you will receive an extra Six-On and a $10 Birthday Bingo Coupon.

Lucky Clerk

Bingo Bucks fly on Thursdays with Lucky Clerk!

A guest spins the wheel for the Main Session. If it lands on the Lucky Clerk from your section, you win Bingo Bucks. If it lands on the caller, EVERYONE wins Bingo Bucks!



Play one of America's favorite games in New York's largest bingo hall! Be sure to check out our bingo calendar for new and exciting games, you could be our next big winner!

Monthly Calendars

Daily Schedule

Doors Open: 9:00am & 4:00pm
Early Birds: 10:15am & 4:30pm
Superminis: 11:15am & 5:30pm
Warm-Ups: 12:30pm & 6:45pm
Main Sessions: 12:45pm & 7:00pm

Download Daily Schedule

Latest Jackpot
Oneida Indian Bingo Jackpots

The jackpot amount has been updated as of March 15, 2020 and therefore may not reflect the most current amount.

$475 $4,350 $775 $900
$6,080 in 20 numbers or less $11,500 in 50 numbers or less $15,900 in 27 numbers or less $16,500

Picture This Prizes: in 35

$3,600 $24,000 $10,600
Current MP Bingo® Jackpots
$227,344 $82,337 $500 $1,295 $1,230
Games & Pricing


1/2 Price Bingo

1/2 Price Bingo

Purchase Level 1 for $5, Level 2 for $7, or Level 3 for $14!


7-11 Bingo

7-11 Bingo

Level 2 pays out $700 and Level 3 pays out $1,100.


All Levels Win

All Levels Win

On each regular game, we will play until there is a winner found for each level of play. Each winner will be paid the full amount. In case of more than one winner on the same level of play, "Multiple Winner" rules will apply.



All You Can Play

Paper pricing - $39. This includes 9 on regular games, specials and jackpots. Electronic pricing is $139. 57 faces are available for all games (a value of over $300). All of the paper you desire is also a part of this exciting offer.


Double Payout

Double Payout

Regular games payout twice their normal rate.

Level 1 pays $500, Level 2 pays $1,000 and Level 3 pays out $2,000 per game.



Fall Festival

$135,000 in Cash and Prizes available

$75 buy-in Regular Games pay $4,000 and Jackpot pays $1,199, $2,500 and $5,000

Purchase presale admission at the Box Office and receive $25 in bingo bucks and a surprise gift. Reserve your electronic in advance

Don’t miss out!




Free Level 1 With Purchase

When an admission package is purchased, you will receive a complimentary Level 1 Pack. You may "buy up" to another level if you choose.


Good Neighbor Bingo

Good Neighbor Bingo

A single winner on a regular game from anyone at your table will earn you an extra $100 in cash! This is per table not per row! You may not change tables after the main session begins to be eligible for this feature.


Let's Make a Deal

Let's Make a Deal

Spinning wheels, choosing boxes, singing songs, it's the most Bingo fun you've ever had. $10,000 in prizes at intermission. Regular admission prices.


Loser's Revenge

Loser's Revenge

Don't miss the opportunity to take away your "Loser" status. This entertaining session offers countless fun games including wearing a hat marked "Loser" and collecting cash for doing it! Play "Loser's Victory" where all the contestants stand up at the beginning, then sit down as their numbers are called. The last person standing will take home $500.

How often is your number the next one up when someone yells Bingo? During Loser's Revenge you can play a game that will afford you the opportunity to win when this situation happens.



Match Your Pack

Match Your Pack

When you make an admissions purchase, just let us know that you want the second pack and it's yours - no charge! Also includes Jackpot, Bonanza and Pick 8.


Mystery Bingo

Mystery Bingo

The last number called determines the payout.

The winning number is multiplied by:
$25 For Regular Games
$50 For Specials
$100 For The Jackpot

Minimums will be used to assure that payouts do not get too small. No limit on the upper end!


2nd Payday

2nd Payday

On each regular game we will play until a winner(s) confirmed. We will then continue until we find a second winner(s) on the same game. Full prizes wil be paid out for each of these portions. Prizes are subject to "buy-in" level and multiple payout rules. It's like playing 24 regular games rather than 12. Your chances double!


Seniors' Day

Senior's Day

55 & Over receive supermini and a gift. Each senior adds $1 to their prize for each year of their life every time they bingo on a regular game! Need not be a single winner!

Both Sessions



Sweetheart Special

Couples play for $50. The Sweetheart Package will include: 2 - level 3 Bingo Packs, 2 - Special Packs and 2 - Earlybird Packs. Sweetheart's Electronic Level 3 Packs are $94.



Two For One Specials

Each of our four special games will offer two 3-ons when you pay regular price.


Triple Your Pack

Triple Your Pack

Three Bingo packs for each admission paying player.

Three 9-ons for each Regular Game.
Three 3-ons for the Jackpot.
Three Bonanzas.
Three Pick 8's.
Three Door Prize opportunities.

Sorry, NO back splitting.


Winner's Circle

Winner's Circle

All Bingo winners, each month, will receive a receipt authenticating their win. Please retain this item and bring it with you on the last Wednesday of the month. Then, when you make your purchase - at regular prices - we will issue as many extra 6-ons for regular games that you can reasonably play! If the Jackpot goes to a previous winner, the prize will double.

Floor Plan
Delta Cafe


Breakfast Plate
With English Muffin (served only on Weekends) • $5.00

Breakfast Sandwich
With Sausage or Bacon • $4.00

Breakfast Pizza • $3.25

Bagel • $2.75

Donut • $1.75

English Muffin • $1.50



Whole Cheese • $13.50

Whole Pepperoni • $15.50

Slices • $3.00

Extra Toppings • $1.50



Cream Soup • $4.00

Stock Soup • $3.50

Chili • $3.50


Healthy Choice

Veggie Burger
With Lettuce and Tomato • $5.00

Featured Sandwich • $7.25

Turkey, Cold Sandwich • $6.75

Egg Salad Sandwich • $6.25

Chicken Tender Salad • $6.50

Tossed Salad • $3.50

Grapes and Cheese
Seasonal • $3.50

Yogurt • $1.25


Hot Items

Hot Turkey Sandwich
With Mashed Potatoes and Gravy • $7.25

Mashed Potatoes
With Gravy • $3.50

Mild Sausage Sub
With Onions and Peppers • $6.25

Cheeseburger • $4.00

Hamburger • $3.50

Hot Dog
Plain • $3.00

New York Dog
With Sauerkraut and Onion • $4.25

Chili Cheese Dog • $4.50

Daily Special • $8.50/$9.50

Fish Special • $10.50


Fryer Foods

Combo • $7.50

Chicken Tenders • $6.25
With Fries • $6.75
With Onion Rings • $7.75

French Fries • $1.50/$2.50
With Gravy or Cheese • $3.50

Sweet Potato Fries • $3.00

Onion Rings • $5.50

Mozzarella Sticks • $4.50

Nachos Grande
With Chili, Cheese, Sour Cream, Jalapeños, Black Olives • $6.50

Nachos and Cheese • $3.00
4oz Side • $1.00
2oz Side • $.50



Popcorn • $1.25/$3.00

Snack Pack
With Sharp Cheese, Pepperoni and Crackers • $3.75

Pretzel • $3.00
With Cheese • $3.50



Wine • $5.00

Beer • $4.00

Juice • $3.00

Cappuccino • $2.50

Hot Cocoa • $2.00

Canned Soda • $2.50

Bottled Water • $2.25

Milk • $2.00



Cake • $5.95

Cheesecake • $5.00

Cream Pie • $4.25

Brownie • $3.95

Pudding • $3.50

Half Moon Cookie • $3.00

Large Cookie • $2.50

Candy Bars • $1.50