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Measuring in at just over 7,100 yards, this Robert Trent Jones, Jr. course is ranked as a Top Casino Course by Golfweek. Kaluhyat (the Oneida word for 'the other side of the sky') is marked by dramatic changes in elevation, measuring as high as 50 feet in some areas, with plateau settings offering seemingly endless, spectacular views of the surrounding terrain. Six lakes throughout the course add to the picturesque setting. Kaluhyat is a classic shot-maker’s course, where accuracy and strategy are rewarded as much as length.

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2023 Multi-Play Pass

It's your time to entertain, reward and impress.

The 2023 Multi-Play Pass affords you the opportunity to entertain your friends and family or your business clients and associates with ten rounds of golf on the Turning Stone Resort Casino's acclaimed Kaluhyat and/or Shenendoah golf courses for just $899*, a potential savings in greens fees of $700.

You can also extend a great day on the course with cocktails or dinner at the luxurious TS Steakhouse. Call 800.771.7711 to make a reservation.


  • Ten prepaid 18-hole rounds on Kaluhyat and/or Shenendoah*
  • Reserve tee times any day of the week, any time of the day, even weekends
  • Includes cart, range balls and practice time for each round

Pick up your Multi-Play Pass at the Shenendoah Golf Shop, Turning Stone's Golf Superstore or call 315.361.7509 for more details.

Course Info

5218 Patrick Rd
Verona, NY 13478
(Get Directions ›)

Designer: Robert T. Jones Jr.

2023 Greens Fee

18 HolesOpening - May 18May 19 - October 8October 9 - Closing
Public Guests $125 $160 $125
TS Rewards Card $95 $125 $95
Resort Guests - Lodging $95 $125 $95
First Half Hour of the Day $70 $100 $70
Twilight Rate* $70 $100 $70
Same Day Replay $50 $60 $50

*Twilight time starts after 2:00pm

Other Rates & Fees

Riders: $25 for 18 holes
Rental Set: $50 for 18 holes, includes 6 balls
Outdoor Driving Range: $15 for 30 minutes

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Aeration Dates

Spring 2023: April 10-12
Fall 2023: October 2-4

For more information about the process of aeration, click here.


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Rules of Play

USGA Rules govern all play except where modified by local rules. Lateral hazards are defined by red stakes and lines. Water hazards are defined with yellow stakes and lines. Kaluhyat is a non-metal spike facility. Proper golf attire required at all times. Please repair all divots, ball marks on greens and rake sand bunkers. Please obey cart rules where posted, keeping carts away from all tees and greens.

Environmentally Protected Areas

The wetlands and the natural grasslands are important elements of this golf course. Please use care when playing. Golf Carts are prohibited from these areas.

Pace of Play

Our pace of play goal is 4 hours and 45 minutes for 18 holes on one of Turning Stone’s 18 hole golf courses. There are times when the pace of play will be shorter or longer based on cart path policies and business levels. If you’d like to play at a faster or slower pace of play please contact a member of the professional staff at 315.361.7850 and we’ll assist with scheduling tee times that will allow that.

For groups of 8 or more players, please call 315.361.8536 to speak with a member of the professional staff about group options.

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Golf Groups

Designed by world-renowned architects, each of Turning Stone Resort Casino's three award-winning golf courses are pristinely conditioned and provide the ultimate experience for the golf enthusiast to the professional golfer. Atunyote, Kaluhyat, and Shenendoah have each collected numerous awards since their individual openings and each enjoys world-class recognition by having hosted PGA Tour events, the PGA Professional National Championship, and top tier Amateur/Collegiate Tournaments.

From initial contact to the day of the event Turning Stone's golf staff is dedicated to making your group golf experience as easy and carefree as possible while providing first rate service and care. Our staff of professionals have organized, executed and developed hundreds of events, and we will put our expertise to work to ensure your event is flawless.  

Event services at Turning Stone include:

  • Event planning service and support
  • Format development
  • Personalized golf cart signage
  • Personalized scorecards
  • Tournament Coordination
  • Personalized scoreboard
  • Event scoring
  • Contest hole management

Turning Stone Resort Casino is unquestionably the ideal vacation destination for the golf lover, but the options don't end there. A renowned, award-winning destination resort in Upstate New York, the Oneida Indian Nation's Turning Stone Resort Casino features world-class amenities including four hotels, two luxurious spas, five golf courses, more than 20 dining options, a 125,000 square foot Las Vegas-style gaming floor, a cabaret style Showroom, a 5,000 seat arena, and several nightlife venues. Conveniently located 30 miles east of Syracuse at NYS Thruway exit 33, Turning Stone was named a Distinguished Golf Destination in 2023 by BoardRoom Magazine in partnership with Forbes Travel Guide and Kaluhyat was named a Top Casino Golf Course by Golfweek in 2022.

Turning Stone has earned the prestigious Forbes Four Star Award for The Lodge at Turning Stone, Wildflowers restaurant and Ska:na: The Spa at Turning Stone and the AAA Four Diamond Award for The Lodge, The Tower at Turning Stone, and Wildflowers.

If you're planning an outing of 20 or more golfers or an accommodations golf package with 12 or more golfers please contact either:

Let’s Talk About Your Golf Trip

Awards & Accolades
AwardAwarded ByYear
Top 50 Casino Golf Courses Golfweek 2022, 2021, 2020
Best Golf Courses in New York (#1) Golfer's Choice by Golf Pass 2022
Best Golf Courses in New York (#1) Golfer's Choice by Golf Advisor 2021
The Best Courses You Can Play in New York Golfweek 2020, 2017, 2016
Platinum Award Association of Golf Merchandisers 2020, 2014
Best in New York Golf - Public Courses Northeast Golf Magazine 2018
Best Casino Courses Golfweek 2018, 2016, 2015, 2013
America’s 100 Greatest Public Golf Courses Golf Digest 2017, 2011
Best Resort Golf Courses Golfweek 2017, 2016
Best Golf & Casino Resorts Golf Vacation Insider 2016
Best Courses You Can Play State by State Golfweek 2015, 2014 (#3), 2012
100 Greatest Public Courses Golf Digest 2015
Golfweek’s Best - Casino Courses Golfweek 2015
Top 100 Resort Courses Golf Digest 2012
Best Courses Near You, State by State Golf Magazine 2012
100 Best Resort Courses Golfweek 2012
Top 40 Best Casino Courses Golfweek 2012


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Past Events
  • 2016 PGA Professional Championship
  • 2015 Men’s State Amateur Championship
  • 2011-2015 Golf Channel Amateur Tour
  • 2009-2015 NCAA D1 Golf Tournament 
  • 2007 to 2010 PGA Tour Monday Qualifier Site
  • 2005 New York State PGA Championship

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The Shenendoah Clubhouse

Styled to resemble a stone and cedar tudor mansion, The Shenendoah Clubhouse is a grand, yet unobtrusive, structure that blends perfectly into its surroundings. A balcony oversees the first and eighteenth holes. The beautiful setting is further showcased as soon as visitors step inside. The floor of the entryway is fine ceramic tile. Overhead is an antique-finished chandelier, which gently illuminates the cherry accented woodwork and floor-to-ceiling columns. An artistically etched railing surrounds the foyer's circular staircase. Carved stone fireplaces in the entry hall and ballroom add flares of elegant warmth.

  • Size: Approximately 28,000 square feet
  • Banquet area: 5,500 square foot banquet room can seat up to 400 guests, can be divided
  • Conferences: Adirondack Room: 2,215 square feet, Appalachian Room: 1,854 square feet, Catskill Room: 1,837 square feet
  • Restaurant: The Grille at Shenendoah, with indoor or patio seating

Download Clubhouse Menu

Solo Rider

Solo Riders are available to rent upon request. Please call 315.361.8545 for details (72 hours notice needed).


There’s a better way to play with your own clubs.

Simply fill out your information on the ShipSticks website and worry only about getting yourself to the course. Now available for all five Turning Stone courses.

It’s never been more convenient to golf with your own clubs.

Online Golf Store

You now have a larger selection and more options when ordering from the Turning Stone Resort Casino Custom Apparel Collection.

Visit this online store to have your items shipped directly to your home!

course tour videos

  • Hole #1 - Sky Journey Begins

    As you start your journey on the Kaluhyat course, you might reflect on the Oneida creation story, which tells how the journey of people began with a woman who fell from the Other Side of the Sky. Her descendants are believed to have fashioned humans, animals and all things pleasant and unpleasant on this side of the sky.

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  • Hole #2 - Just Believe

    Make a well-placed swing of faith at this point in your journey, then proceed along the path through the evergreen trees. The founder of the Iroquois League was thinking of the White Pine trees when he imagined white roots extending from a central government north, south, east and west where sachems would sit together to provide unity and stability for the league.

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  • Hole #3 - Hidden Challenges

    Bodies of water such as the one that borders this tee once provided the Oneidas and other Indian nations with an important means of transportation. The creation of waterways in Oneida legend reveals the inherent duality of nature. The benevolent brother creates rivers that flow both ways but his twin laments the ease with which humans will travel and causes the rivers to flow in one direction only.

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  • Hole #4 - At Wood's Edge

    At this point in your journey you enter a stand of trees. According to Iroquois custom, when emissaries from other nations neared a meeting place at another village, they were met by the principal chief of the inviting nation at the place where the forest opened onto the village. This ritual, known as the "Welcome at the Wood's Edge", included the kindling of a fire, a pipe was lit and passed around, and the chief delivered a formal welcoming address.

  • Hole #5 - Among the Forest

    Throughout history the Oneida Nation and its Iroquois brethren have been faithful custodians of their natural resources - such as the Beech, cherry and maple trees found in the wooded area. The willingness to share these valuable treasures demonstrates their unparalleled tradition of hospitality and generosity of spirit.

  • Hole #6 - Challenge of Courage

    As you draw on reserves of bravery at this challenging par five, take a moment to absorb the diverse surroundings. Among these hardwoods and wetlands, Oneida warriors of old braved their own challenges to survive along side their brothers, the fox, raccoons, rabbits, and deer that continue to thrive here today.

  • Hole #7 - Meadow Spirit

    This open meadow calls to mind the vast farmlands that were once an important part of Oneida life. Corn, beans and squash were such important staples in the Iroquois diet that they are called the Three Sister. The Oneida revered their womenfolk for the important role they played in planting, tending and preparing these crops.

  • Hole #8 - Whispering Grasses

    The close ties that exist between the Iroquois and the land on which they live have led to their deeply spiritual nature throughout history. Oneida and American soldiers fought a critical battle together during the revolutionary War against the British just east of her at Oriskany. Listen carefully and you may hear the spirits of long-ago warriors whispering among the native grasses.

  • Hole #9 - Journey of Choice

    Life is full of choices. At this hole, players must choose their destiny: whether to play to the right or the left of this split fairway. The Oneida nation faced a difficult choice of another kind at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War. Although many of their Iroquois brethren sided with the British, the Oneidas chose to support the colonists.

  • Hole #10 - An Illusion

    So near, yet at the same time so far away. This may appear to be short hole, but the elevated green makes this hole more challenging than it may fist seem. The dual nature of this par four is reminiscent of the Oneida perspective in which the universe manifests both creative and destructive forces.

  • Hole #11 - Uncertain Passage

    This would be a good place in your journey to recall that accuracy and strategy may help you reach an uncertain, until the future awaiting the Oneida nation at the end of the Revolutionary War seemed rather uncertain, until the Oneidas became the first of New York State's native people to begin rebuilding their long-lost homelands.

  • Hole #12 - Straight & Narrow

    Beech, Maple and Hickory are some of the towering trees through which a straight shot is key here. Oneidas used the wood of the hickory tree to fashion sticks for playing lacrosse, a team sport that has been apart of Iroquois culture for centuries. In addition to imparting the quickness, stamina and strength men would need for hunting and war, the sport of lacrosse was a gift of the creator and was used to settle communal disputes, appeal to the spirits, and even to heal the sick.

  • Hole #13 - Big Water

    The name for this hole refers to the large pond along their fairway. It also happens to be the English equivalent of the expression that Oneidas once used to refer to the Atlantic Ocean. Big water might also describe the world, prior to the spontaneous expansion of earth in the Oneida creation story.

  • Hole #14 - Hidden Truth

    This par four features a handsome stand of Hemlock trees and is perhaps more challenging than it looks. Having lived past 100 yeas old, chief Shenandoah is said to have compared himself to an aged hemlock tree through whose branches a hundred winters had whistled. 

  • Hole #15 - Peaceful Glen

    The peaceful surroundings at this tee reflect a commitment made by all nations of the Iroquois to live their lives in harmony with all the earth. A turning point in the history of peace among several northeastern tribes began with the creation of the League of the Iroquois in the 1600s, an alliance among five (and later six) Iroquois nations.

  • Hole #16 - Edge of the Sky

    The name of this hole refers to the boundary between the Sky-world of Oneida legend and our own, and hints at the view players will have when they reach the plateau overlooking the green with trees on the left and wetlands to the right.

  • Hole #17 - Turtle Den

    Snapping Turtles are one of the animal that inhabit the area around this tee. In the Oneida creation story Turtle plays an important role, as the creature deemed strong enough to support the woman who feel to earth from the sky. Haudenosaunee legend has said that the sections visible on the turtle's carapace represent the thirteen months of a lunar calendar, providing a link between the spiritual and physical worlds.

  • Hole #18 - Journey's End

    Oneidas have traditionally boiled the legendary syrup and maple products from the sappy of the Sugar Maple, which are the trees you see here. In the Oneida worldview, nothing in nature truly ends. This par four marks the end of one journey, but also the beginning of another.

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