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Keno Games at Turning Stone Casino

Winning keno numbers every 5 minutes!

Turning Stone Resort Casino Keno games are called approximately every five minutes. Twenty numbered Keno balls are randomly selected from a pool of 80. You can choose from 1 to 15, or 20 numbers, and wager as little as $2.00. Your winnings depend on the number of balls drawn that match your ticket.

Keno Hours of Operation
Daily: 8:00am – 2:00am

Play 1-20 Games - You have up to 30 days to collect winning tickets.
Keno To Go 21-999 games - You have up to one year to collect winning tickets.

You can play your favorite Keno tickets right before you go home. Check your Keno results online or call 800.771.7711 and ask for the Keno Department. is now available on your iPhone, iPad or Android. You can download the app for free.

Play 4 games for just $2!
Turning Stone Resort Casino Keno icon, blue, with keno ball numbers in background

Play 4 games for just $2!

5 Spot

  • Catch 3 – You Win $.50
  • Catch 4 – You Win $5.50
  • Catch 5 – You Win $375.00

6 Spot

  • Catch 3 – You Win $.50
  • Catch 4 – You Win $1.50
  • Catch 5 – You Win $45.00
  • Catch 6 – You Win $750.00

7 Spot

  • Catch 4 – You Win $.50
  • Catch 5 – You Win $9.00
  • Catch 6 – You Win $200.00
  • Catch 7 – You win $4,000

8 Spot

  • Catch 5 – You Win $4.50
  • Catch 6 – You Win $45.00
  • Catch 7 – You Win $700.00
  • Catch 8 – You Win $9,000.00
Special Games

$5 - 20 Spot Ticket

With this ticket, you will have 18 ways to win.

0 $500 9 $20 15 $50,000
1 $10 10 $50 16 $75,000
2, 3 $5 11 $200 17 $90,000
4, 5, 6 $0 12 $1,000 18 $100,000
7 $5 13 $5,000 19 $100,000
8 $10 14 $30,000 20 $100,000

Pick your own numbers or do a computer Quik Pik.


$2 Top & Bottom

First, mark your ticket with a “T” on the upper half and “B” on the bottom half, as shown, and place your wager. The game is based on the spread of 20 numbers drawn in the game that fall in the top (”T”) portion of the ticket and the bottom (”B”) portion of the ticket. After all 20 numbers are called, count how many appear on the bottom. You now have the “catch.” When the catch matches any listed in the pay-off chart, you win!

Payouts (Top or Bottom)
19-1 $10,000
18-2 $1,800
17-3 $300
16-4 $70
15-5 $20
14-6 $6
13-7 $2


Catch 20 top or bottom and win $25,000!


Bonus Ball Keno

Double your payout by playing 3 to 6 spots! To win the bonus amount, every chosen number must be drawn plus the last ball out must be part of the winning combination. If the last ball out is not part of your winning combination, you win the regular payout amount. Mark a “B” on your ticket to play Bonus Ball Keno. This ticket must be played for a minimum of $2.50 per game.

190 Ways of 8
Turning Stone Resort Casino Keno icon, orange, with keno number board in background

Learn about 190 ways of 8, it's the easiest and most exciting way to play keno - it's exciting because it's so hard not to win. Simply choose the amount of money per way. You can play for as little as 10 cents a way that's only 19 dollars and you cover all 80 numbers on the ticket with so many different ways to win - 190.

To play this ticket write 190/8 on the top part of the ticket where is says "mark number of spots or ways played" and bring it to a keno writer. Then each group of 4 is combined with every other group of 4 to make 190 possible combinations of 8 spots. That's a whole lot of chances to win! Once you play this ticket look at the brochure under 8 spot and see how much you won or do it the easy way and come back to keno and have a keno writer check your ticket for wins!

Keno 190 Ways from Oneida Indian Nation on Vimeo.

How To Play

1. Decide how many games to play - Write down the number of consecutive games you want to play where indicated. See Multi-Race Keno for details.

2. Select your numbers - Mark an "X" over your choice of numbers on the top and/or bottom of your ticket. You can mark 1-15 numbers.

3. Make your wager - Write the dollar amount of your wager on the top right of your ticket where indicated. The more you wager, the more you can win! Minimum bet is $2.

4. Count your numbers - Write down the number of spots you picked in the wager box indicated on top (conditioning).

5. Pick your pay rate - Unless you write "S" for special rate, your ticket will be paid at the regular pay rate.

6. Present your ticket - Bring your ticket and wager to the Keno counter or present it to a Keno Runner. Runners are available throughout the Casino for your convenience.

7. Check your ticket - When you receive your processed ticket back from the Writer or Runner, it is your responsibility to check your ticket to ensure that it has been properly marked before the game starts.

8. Watch the Keno Boards - Keno boards are located throughout the Casino. Twenty numbers are drawn at random for each game and then illuminated on the Keno board. When the game is over, the last number drawn will flash continuously to indicate that the game is over.

9. Check your numbers - If you have matching numbers, refer to the pay rates in the brochure to see if you have won. Keno Writers will be happy to assist you in checking your ticket. If you give your ticket to a Keno Runner, any wins will be confirmed at the Keno counter, where our Keno computer checks all tickets quickly and accurately.

10. Collect your winnings - All winnings will be confirmed and paid out by our Keno Writers and Runners.

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