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Golf Academy

Our talented and highly-qualified instructors will tailor each individual program to meet the needs of the student. Your instructor will analyze each part of your game, including full swing (with computer/video analysis), putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play. In addition, you may receive an on-course analysis on one of our award-winning golf courses. Golf Schools are offered year round and can be designed around your needs.

For reservations and all golf information, please call 877.748.4653.

Please Note: no outside alcohol is allowed.

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Golf Clinic Schedule
Golf ball being putt, Golf Clinic Schedule

December 5, 2022 - April 2, 2023

Develop or enhance your golf skills in a fun, relaxed environment with friends.
$30 per person | One Hour of Instruction

3:00pm . Open Clinic . Alan Savage

11:00am . Ladies Clinic . Ryan McGinnis
6:00pm . Open Clinic . Eric Lorenzetti

. Open Clinic . Patrick Rocco
6:00pm . Open Clinic . Marty Nowicki

11:00am . Open Clinic . Marty Nowicki
6:00pm . Open Clinic . Ryan McGinnis

1:00pm . Open Clinic . Eric Lorenzetti

8:00am . Open Clinic . Marty Nowicki
5:00pm . Jr Pga Sports Academy (12 & Under) . Ryan McGinnis
6:00pm . Jr Pga Sports Academy (13 & Over) . Ryan McGinnis

8:00am . Open Clinic . Eric Lorenzetti

For more information, call 315.361.7509.

A Fun and Easy Way to Learn Golf
be the ace - golfer couple on a course

Spring Into The Season!

Sportsplex at Turning Stone
Saturdays - April 29, May 6, May 13, May 27
3:00pm - 4:00pm
(4 sessions)

$100 for the month per person - Open To Anyone

In this course you will learn the basics of golf, including full swing, pitching, chipping and putting.

For details, call 315.361.7509

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PGA Junior League

Practice starts April 29, 2023

Pga Jr. League is the game-changing way to learn and play golf. 

We’re bringing friends and family together for fun, team golf experiences with expert PGA coaching!

“There’s no better enjoyment than playing for a team and playing with a team. You have that sense of accountability, that sense of fun, you’re meeting new people from all different walks of life and going towards one common goal. That’s what you can find when it comes to PGA Jr. League!”
- Stephen Curry, PGA Jr. League Ambassador

For more information, contact Ryan McGinnis, PGA Turning Stone Resort Casino at 315.361.7509 or


PGA HOPE: Helping Our Patriots Everywhere

We introduce golf to Veterans to enhance physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. In  partnership with the PGA of America, our program offers Veterans weekly instruction from the pros.

Instructor - Ryan McGinnis | Location - Golf Dome

Starting May 2nd, three sessions available in 2023

To register, call Ryan McGinnis at 315.361.7509.

Veterans can select one class for the entire session.
If a class has no registrations, that class will not be offered for this session.

Golf Academy Rates
PGA Lesson – Half Hour $70
PGA Lesson – Hour $115
6 Lesson Package $600
12 Lesson Package $1,200
Clinic Program $30
Club Fitting $100
Golf Schools $275 – $900

Purchase a 6 Lesson Package at $600 and receive 1 round of golf at Shenendoah or Kaluhyat.

Purchase a 12 Lesson Package at $1,200 and receive 1 round of golf at Atunyote.

Golf Outing Options

Enhance your golf outing with a PGA Professional.

A PGA Professional will set up with the latest equipment from V1, Trackman and FlightScope on the driving range or course to provide one-on-one or group instruction for your guests to enhance your day!

Fore more information, call us at 315.361.7509.

AimPoint Express logo

The AimPoint EXPRESS Green Reading Clinic focuses on two of the most important aspects of putting: Speed control and reading the green.

What You Will Learn

  • How to accurately identify slope
  • How slope direction and grade affect break
  • How your position on the slope influences break and speed
  • How to identify your position on the slope
  • How to determine precise break amounts based on position
  • How to handle changing or multiple slopes
  • How position relates to speed control
  • Speed Control
  • How to determine optimum approach shot strategies

Customize your own golf school. Call Marty Nowicki at 315.361.7509.


FlightScope allows us to conduct club and ball fittings that rival the fittings PGA Tour Players receive.

It introduced the world’s first-ever 3D Doppler Tracking Golf Radar, a state-of-the-art, portable indoor-outdoor 3D ball-flight and club tracking device, with capabilities far beyond traditional launch monitor technology.

FlightScope’s 3D ball tracking devices measure a number of variables related to golf balls including real time tracking, ball speed, both vertical and horizontal launch angles, sidespin and backspin.

It can also help with your golf swing analysis by measuring variables related to your golf club including club head speed, club vertical attack angle, club horizontal attack angle and club face angle.

Golf Schools

You can now choose Golf School dates to fit your schedule. Programs can be tailored to meet your needs. Call 315.361.7509 to make arrangements.

One Day Impact School

All One Day Impact begin at 9:00am and end at 12:00pm. It is requested that you arrive at 8:45am. Schools will meet in the Shenendoah Golf Shop (Limit 8).

You can also customize your own program, choose the date that best works for you (minimum of 3 students).

Cost: $275.00 per student (limit of 3)

AimPoint® Green Reading School

AimPoint® golf has pioneered a revolutionary green-reading method based on the highly accurate, Emmy Award winning AimPoint® Technology seen on the Golf Channel. After going through the AimPoint® Green Reading education, you will never again have to guess at how much a putts breaks. Any putt. Learn that putting is predictable and discover the most effective and reliable ways to determine the direction and precise amount of break for any putt, all based on gravity (only works on earth).

Super School

Throughout the Super School you will learn:

  • How to accurately identify slope
  • How slope direction and grade affect break
  • How your position on the slope influences break and speed
  • How to identify your position on the slope
  • How to determine precise break amounts based on position
  • How to handle changing or multiple slopes
  • How position relates to speed control
  • How to determine optimum approach shot strategies

Three Day Golf School

Three hours of instruction each day with emphasis on the mechanics of the full swing and short game along with course management and strategies. On-course sessions improve decision making and the ability to perform under playing conditions.

Day One

  • 1½ hours of full swing instruction
  • Ball flight correction
  • 1½ hours of short game instruction

Day Two

  • 1½ hours of full swing instruction - iron play
  • 1½ hours of full swing mechanics and club fitting

Day Three

  • 3 hours of full swing instruction (wood play) and greenside bunker play

Custom date options are available.

Cost: $900.00

Lesson, Lunch & Golf with a Pro at Turning Stone Resort Casino

Start your morning with two hours on the lesson tee with our professional as they analyze and work on your swing. Afterwards, have an in depth discussion about your lesson and golf over lunch. Finish off the day by playing 18 holes with our professional. Program includes: 3 to 1 instructor to student ratio, lunch and gift package.

Cost: $525.00

For more information, call 315.361.7509.

Team Building

Break the mold, think out of the box, come and enjoy a day of fun filled team building activities to enhance relationships within your organization and build morale. All of this under one roof at the Sportsplex at Turning Stone. For only $30 per person per hour choose up to three twenty minute activities. With an 8:1 student to instructor ratio your coworkers will enjoy a day of fun. All guests receive an e-mail after the event with tips on how to improve and a video of their golf swing.

Team Building Options

  • Golf Simulator Longest Drive: Players will hit 3 drives and the team with the longest combined distance is the winner.
  • Golf Simulator Closest to the Pin: Play Hole #17 at Sawgrass and take on the island green. Each team gets 5 shots and the shortest total distance from the hole will be the winner.
  • Golf Simulator Straightest Drive: See who can hit the straightest drive, this will require accuracy rather than distance which is fun for any caliber golfer.
  • Callaway Simulator Activities
  • Bunker Shot Closest to the Pin: Hit shots from our indoor bunker to a flag, see who can get the closest.
  • Skee Ball: Similar to the game you will find at any Amusement Park hit 8 golf shots to numbered targets. The highest total score wins.
  • Hanging Ropes: Hit golf balls through our rope target zones, accuracy is key here and points will be rewarded for difficulty.
  • Simulator Darts Game: Play virtual reality darts on our golf simulators, games include, Bullseye, Cricket, 301, double-in-double-out, total points.
  • FlightScope® Club Head Speed: Test your driver speed on the latest technology from Flightscope®. Using Doppler Technology we can find the right clubs and ball for you.
  • FlightScope® Yardage Distances: Hit 5 shots each, the team with the highest total yardage wins.
  • Chip, Pitch & Putt: Just like the Punt, Pass and Kick contests when you were a kid. Points will be accumulated by hitting specified targets for point values.
  • Target Contests: Choose at any of our 9 targets, points will be rewarded for shot difficulty.
  • Putting Contest: Play 9 or 18 holes of golf on our indoor putting greens that are maintained to real green grass speed.
  • Alternate Shot Putting Contest: 2 person teams will compete against each other in a 9 or 18 hole contest, each player will hit alternate putts until the ball is holed out, this can take some strategy for victory.
  • Golf Instruction: Using the latest golf software such as FlightScope®JC Video and V-1, our PGA Instructors will teach you the fundamentals of the golf swing.
Meet The Staff

Eric Lorenzetti, PGA - Head Teaching ProfessionalEric Lorenzetti

Eric Lorenzetti is the Golf Academy Head Teaching Professional and Merchandise Manager at Turning Stone Resort Casino. Eric’s main responsibilities are managing all aspects of the Golf Instruction and Golf Merchandise offerings at the Resort. This includes providing Golf Instruction and Club Fitting, as well as focusing on the creation and administration of new player development programming including the First Tee Program, PGA Junior League, PGA Hope, Get Golf Ready, and Central Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired.

His teaching philosophy is to make the process fun, simple, and painless for everyone to enjoy the game. In the Fall of 2016, Eric won the Central New York Section PGA Player Development Award, which is designed to recognize a PGA Professional for extraordinary and exemplary contributions and achievements in the area of player development. This award considers the PGA Professional's growth of the game leadership commitment at the Section and National levels and impact made at the facility.

In addition, he is the PGA Jr. League Head Coach/Instructor as well as a 2017 U.S Kids Golf Certified Instructor.

Prior to being named the Golf Academy Head Teaching Professional, Eric started with Turning Stone Resort Casino as the Head Golf Professional in 2013. He is a native of nearby Seneca Falls, where he began playing golf more than 30 years ago. Prior to his arrival to Turning Stone in 2013, he spent 13 years at Geneva National Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where he worked his last 11 years as the Head Professional at the Resort's Members' Club.


Kay McMahon, LPGA & PGA - Teaching ProfessionalKay McMahon

Kay McMahon, an LPGA Professionals Hall of Fame Instructor, an LPGA National Teacher of the Year.

Kay is one of the few LPGA players who is also a member of the PGA of America. She was also distinguished in 2020 as one of the Top Four Elite in the Best 50 LPGA Instructors. She will be conducting in-person individual lessons, clinics, and Golf Schools year-round. With over 30 years of experience, she is a well renowned teacher, author, speaker and sports journalist, known as an easy approachable communicator.

“One of my signature sayings is that ‘Golfers are made in the off season’,” said McMahon. “The amazing Sportsplex at Turning Stone and spectacular short game area provides a one-of-a-kind experience that gives golfers that opportunity.”

McMahon starts by establishing four pre-swing set-up positions. She refers to this as G-CAP, which stands for Grip, Clubhead, Alignment and Posture. This is followed by four and one-half swing positions that begin with the takeaway through impact, resulting in a high and balanced follow-through.

Kay, a graduate of the University of Minnesota Duluth, during her amateur playing days, captured the Minnesota State Publinks Championship twice. Her professional playing career includes qualifying and playing in three USGA Women’s Open Championships among many other LPGA events.

Her leadership in the industry as a teacher has included tour players to rank beginners, women, men, juniors and seniors. She is also known for her work with veterans - Fairways for Warriors.


Marty Nowicki, PGA - Teaching ProfessionalMarty Nowicki

A PGA member since 1996, Marty has been teaching at Turning Stone Resort Casino since December 2007. Nowicki is a four time recipient of the Central New York Section PGA Teacher of the Year award. In addition, he has been Nationally ranked by Golf Magazine and by Golf Digest.

Marty is a Syracuse native who began his golf career at the Onondaga Golf and Country Club in Syracuse. His career led him to several other golf operations, including The Doral Golf Resort in Miami, Royal Poinciana GC in Naples, Fl, Baltusrol Golf Club in New Jersey and Chelsea Piers Golf Academy in Manhattan.

Marty is a certified Aimpoint Green Reading instructor. Pioneered by Mark Sweeney, Aimpoint green-reading method based on the highly accurate, Emmy Award winning AimPoint Technology seen on the Golf Channel. After going through the AimPoint Green Reading education, you will never again have to guess at how much a putts breaks. Any putt. Learn that putting is predictable and discover the most effective and reliable ways to determine the direction and precise amount of break for any putt, all based on gravity (only works on earth).

Along the way Marty has spent time working for and with Jim McLean, Jim Hardy and Mike LaBauve. Marty has hosted Mike Bennett, Andy Plummer and Marius Filmalter at Turning Stone.

Nowicki is a graduate of St. Bonaventure University, where he was 2 time captain of the golf team.


Alan Savage, PGA - Golf Club Fitting ProfessionalAlan Savage

Alan has been a PGA member since 1996, becoming a PGA Certified Professional  in Golf Operations in 2009. He has called Central New York home his whole life, having grown up in the Binghamton area and worked most of his career in Syracuse. Alan has worked in the private, public and retail categories of the golf industry. He joined Turning Stone Resort Casino this year and looks forward to the challenge of providing a great experience to the guests of the resort.

Alan played on his high school and college golf teams and greatly enjoys  the thrill of competition. He has qualified for regional and national events within the PGA of America and has won the CNYPGA Assistants Championship, Head Professional Championship and the Emmitt Kelly Masters. During his career Alan has won the  CNYPGA Assistants Championship, Head Professional Championship and the Emmitt Kelly Masters. He has been a member of the CNYPGA Mitchell Cup Team fifteen times. He has twice been voted Assistant Golf Professional of the Year by his peers in Central New York.


Ryan McGinnis, PGA - Assistant Golf ProfessionalRyan McGinnis

Ryan McGinnis is an Assistant Golf Professional at Turning Stone Resort Casino and he is the 2018 Assistant of the Year. Ryan become a PGA Member in 2019 and become specialized in Teaching and Coaching in 2020.

Ryan’s main responsibilities are managing the Sportsplex at Turning Stone at the resort along with providing golf instruction and club fitting opportunities to our guests. Ryan will focus on building and creating player development programs at the resort such as PGA Junior League, PGA Hope, Get Golf Ready, Operation 36, Drive Chip and Putt Clinics and junior development clinics.

Ryan also enjoys the thrill of competing in local and national golf tournaments. He is a three time winner of the Assistants Section Championship.

Awards and Accolades of our Staff
AwardInstructorAwarded ByYears
Teacher of the Year Marty Nowicki CNY PGA 2022, 2015, 2014, 2008
Patriot Award Ryan McGinnis CNY PGA 2022
Merchandiser of the Year (Resort) Eric Lorenzetti CNY PGA 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2014, 2013
Golf Professional of the Year Jeff Kleinman CNY PGA 2021
Player Development Award Ryan McGinnis CNY PGA 2020
Merchandiser of the Year (Resort) Jeff Kleinman CNY PGA 2018
Assistant Professional of the Year Ryan McGinnis CNY PGA 2018
Player Development Award Eric Lorenzetti CNY PGA 2016
Golf Professional of the Year Miles Blundell CNY PGA 2016
Merchandiser of the Year (Resort) Miles Blundell PGA of America 2015
Bill Strausbaugh Award Miles Blundell CNY PGA 2014
Youth Player Development Award Miles Blundell CNY PGA 2011
Merchandiser of the Year (Resort) Miles Blundell CNY PGA 2011


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Girls that Golf


Founded in 1989, Girls Golf is a community of more than 90,000 girls around the globe who are learning and loving the game!

We provide quality instruction to juniors led by LPGA and PGA teaching professionals or certified coaches – experts who specialize in showing girls just how much fun golf really is.

For more information, see a golf team member or call 315.361.7509

National Junior Golf Programs

Turning Stone Resort Casino is proud to be the host of two National Junior Golf Programs.

Drive, Chip & Putt and PGA Jr. League Golf

Boys and girls ages 7 and up are invited to participate. For more information, please see a Golf Team Member or call 315.361.7509. You can register at and visit or to learn more.

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