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01 2023


02 2023

Destination TS

Ahoy Maties! Exit 33’s Pirates Week is Back!

Avast ye, readers! There be pirates taking over Exit 33 in the early part of next month, and now is a great time to batten the hatches and get tickets in advance.

The event, dubbed Pirate’s Week, will take place September 9-10, and it will be a lighthearted tradition that comprises drink specials, pirate swag, pirate costumes, and a treasure of skulls and crossbones. All who attend are destined to have an excellent time—or they’ll walk the plank!

Roundhead Vinny [Belfiore], head pirate for the festivities, said the weekend will be one long party.

“Everything we do at Exit 33 is set up to give our guests a great night out with friends,” said the pirate legend, whose actual title is nightlife manager. “This is another example of that commitment.”

As part of the weekend festivities, Tin Rooster, The Gig, and Turquoise Tiger all will be festooned with pirate paraphernalia, including skulls and crossbones galore. Grog will be flowing, as each venue will pour its own signature cocktail. Staff members will don eyepatches and other pirate garb. There may even be a parrot or two. And tombstones.

Exit 33 also will be offering a Barrr (we spelt that wrong on purpose) Crawl that includes access to all three venues, one drink, a treasure map, and swag such as a t-shirt, a pirate hat and sword, and a bandana. Guests will follow the map to get stamps at each venue.

Tickets for the crawl be $33 apiece—the equivalent of three dubloons. They are on sale now.

Turning Stone Resort Casino is committed to making Pirate’s Weekend fun and safe for everyone, and we’ll ask all revelers who intend to summon beasts from the sea to abandon ship before doing so.

Fare thee well on the stormy seas until the pirate party begins! Ahoy!




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