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Diamond Card Account Closure

Closing Your Turning Stone Diamond Card Account

To close your Diamond Card account and receive any cash balance it may contain, please print and complete the form below, and either mail, fax or email to the address on the form.

Turning Stone Resort Casino
Cage - Diamond Card Account Closure
5218 Patrick Road
Verona, NY 13478

Diamond Card Account Closure Form

TS Rewards Replaces Diamond Card

With the introduction of TS Rewards as the new comprehensive loyalty program for Turning Stone Resort Casino in spring 2014, the former Diamond Card program was discontinued.  

The Diamond Card system required guests to load funds onto the card to play casino gaming machines, and their play was rewarded with accumulation of “karats” which could be redeemed for dining, merchandise, services, etc.

The new gaming system introduced at Turning Stone in spring 2014 allows insertion of cash directly into the slot machines, so loading money onto a card was no longer required to play the games.  Also, TS Rewards points can now be earned not only on gaming, but on other purchases at Turning Stone, such as dining, golf, and spa.  There are also more ways to redeem TS Rewards points.

Diamond Card karat balances were converted to TS Reward points in spring 2014, and new cards were issued for active players.  In most cases, any cash balances remaining on the old Diamond Card were also cashed out and paid to the cardholder at that time.

How to Close a Diamond Card Account

Some Diamond Card accounts, mainly inactive accounts of individuals who had not visited Turning Stone recently, may still contain cash balances.  Turning Stone sent a notice to individuals with inactive accounts in January 2015, encouraging a visit to the Cage to receive any cash balances.  The notice also advised that a monthly account maintenance fee would be charged, and deducted from the current balance, beginning in February 2015 on any Diamond Card accounts not cashed out and closed.  Once an account had reached a zero cash balance, it would officially be closed and no further monthly fees assessed. 

In order to receive any remaining cash balance in your old Diamond Card account, and avoid the monthly fee being deducted, individuals can come to the Turning Stone Cage or simply complete the attached Diamond Card Account Closure Form and follow its instructions to mail, email or fax, to Turning Stone for processing. If your form is sent in by the end of February, 2015, any fees imposed will be reversed. Your reimbursement should be received within three weeks.  You may also call Turning Stone at 1-800-771-7711, and ask to speak to the Cage where representatives can advise you of your Diamond Card account balance over the phone.  Please note that the person requesting the cash balance must be the account holder.

Thank you for your support of Turning Stone Resort Casino.

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