Halloween Weekend

Scary Fun

Áhsi’ Day Spa & Salon
October 25 - 27
Free Blood Orange Aromatherapy with any massage.

Golf Dome
October 25 - 27
$5 for 30 Minutes Complimentary Clubs available.

Crazy Cash
October 26 & 27
You have a chance to win from up to $50,000 in cash prizes for entries earned July 8 - October 27! Activate previously earned entries from 3:00pm - 6:00pm. Drawing at 6:00pm.

Halloween Bingo and Costume Contest
Saturday, October 26 • Evening Session
$20,000 in Bingo prizes and $5,000 in Costume prizes.

Exit 33
Fairy Tales After Dark
October 25 & 26
Glitz, glamor and ghouls, Exit 33 presents Fairy Tales After Dark weekend on October 25 & 26. Enter at your own risk, but whatever you do, don't separate from your group or you might end up like the plotline from your favorite fairy tale. If you happen to witness some carnage while here, we highly suggest you run instead of watching the gruesomeness unfold.
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