Reopening FAQ

Logistics Questions

Question: What day and time are you reopening?
We resume limited hospitality and gaming operations on June 10, 2020 at 8:00am! The determination to open on June 10 follows the Nation’s careful monitoring of the reopening of businesses in Central New York, with specific attention to the metrics New York State and the local counties have published on a daily basis.

Question: Will all Nation venues reopen at the same time?
The first phase is a comprehensive plan that allows selective operations to resume at Turning Stone Resort Casino, Yellow Brick Road Casino & Sports Book and Point Place Casino as well as slots at PlayOn and SavOn locations under the conditions of sweeping measures designed to uphold the highest standards of public health. Not all venues within the three casino properties open on June 10.

Question: Are all entrances open?
Five entrances will be open at Turning Stone. Guests may enter through the main lobby at the Tower Hotel, the 2nd floor parking garage entrance, the casino circle, the Bingo entrance or the entry at The Lodge crossover. All other access points are temporarily exits only.

Entries at Point Place Casino and Yellow Brick Road Casino & Sports Book are limited as well. The main front door entrances are open but side access points are currently exits only.

Question: I hear there’s a new mobile app?
Yes! Turning Stone is coming to your phone. Our new mobile app lets you check your TS Rewards status, receive personalized gaming offers, find slots and more. It includes information for all three casinos. You can download the Turning Stone Mobile app from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

Health & Safety Questions

Question: What safety measures are we putting in place to protect the health of employees?
The Nation’s Reopening Health & Safety Plan entitled “Safer Together” adopts the best practices from gaming and hospitality venues throughout the world and incorporates input from our regional partners, including from neighboring municipalities. The plan prioritizes mandatory face coverings, physical distancing, limiting guest access to those who travel from within 120 miles (and within New York State), avoidance of people who are sick, suspension of shows and enhanced cleaning across all of our enterprises.

Question: Will guests and employees be required to wear face coverings and gloves?
Yes, our phase 1 plan calls for mandatory face coverings and gloves for all employees, guests and visitors in all public areas, wherever feasible.

Question: What types of face coverings are acceptable?
Several options are acceptable, including: Cloth face coverings (sewn, quick cut, bandanas or scarves) that fully cover the nose and mouth and fit snugly against the sides of the face; surgical masks; and N-95 respirators.

Question: Will there be limits on guest access to Nation properties?
Yes, to support public efforts to limit spread among regions, access to our facilities will be limited to guests who travel from within New York State and within 120 miles. Identification verification will be deployed to aid contact tracing if it becomes necessary.

Question: What’s an acceptable form of ID?
A valid NYS driver’s license or non-driver’s ID card with current address.

Question: What if I only live here part of the year?
If you live here during the summer, we need to see your out-of-state driver’s license (or non-driver ID) plus proof of New York State residency. This might be a utility bill in your name or other official mailing.

Question: Are minors allowed in?
The same guidelines apply:

  • As in the past, minors are only allowed in non-gaming venues, such as restaurants.
  • No one under 18 can access the gaming floor.
  • If the minor is a teenager with government-issued ID/driver’s license, reflecting that he or she resides within 120 miles (and within the State of New York), the minor can access our restaurants and hotels.
  • Younger minors without ID, including those from outside the geographic limitations
    may only visit The Lodge, The Inn or The Village RV Park.

Question: What is the screening process for entry?

  • Upon entry, be prepared for a 20-second screening.
  • Swipe your ID proving you reside in New York State and within the 120-mile radius
  • Lower your face covering for 3 seconds
  • Grab a dab of hand sanitizer.

Question: Will shows at Turning Stone take place as scheduled?
No, there will be no shows in our Showroom or Event Center until mass gatherings like concerts can be offered without undue risk.

Gaming Questions

Question: What changes will be made on the gaming floor?
Face coverings will be mandatory for everyone on the gaming floors at each casino, except for Casino Blu and the smoking area within the Bingo Hall. Only beverages consumed with a straw beneath the face covering may be consumed on the gaming floor. Table game dealers will wear gloves, which we will also have available for guests. There will be sanitizer at each table and we will ask guests to use it before beginning play.

Question: What will happen to my TS Rewards Points?
Your TS Rewards Points have not expired or changed during our temporary suspension. You can continue to use — and earn — TS Rewards Points. Visit or download our new app to check your points.

Question: What happens to my unused Free Play?
If you haven’t already, you will receive new offers.

Question: What happens to the entries I had for upcoming promotions?
All promotions were cancelled during the suspension of operations. Any entries earned will be transferred to new promotions when we reopen, and guests will be notified of their entry balances. No entries will be lost.

Question: I was signed up for 10K Bingo. Are they still good?
Yes, hold onto your registration. The April 10K Bingo event will be rescheduled and you can be part of it!

Question: Will there be refunds or payouts for betting tickets from The Lounge with Caesars Sports?
Winning betting tickets can be mailed for processing per the instructions on the back of the ticket. In addition, tickets can be cashed in after we reopen since they are valid for a year

Question: How can I view my win/loss statement?
You can access your win/loss statement through 24/7. You can e-mail for assistance if you have never used

Question: What about gift giveaways?
Gift giveaways will resume soon. Qualified guests will be notified of the new pick up dates.

Question: What happens to my comps and offers?
All TS Rewards Cardholders will receive a new set of comps and offers identical to your latest offers.

Question: How will my VIP tier qualification be affected?
We have extended your VIP card level qualifying period. Watch your inbox or mail for details.

Events Questions

Question: We booked a corporate event. Who can I talk to about rescheduling?
Our team is available by phone or online to handle all the details of rescheduling your event… or booking a new one. Call 888.361.7958 to talk with a Sales Manager.

Question: What about golf groups? Will we be able to play?
We’re available by phone or online to reschedule your golf getaway or help you plan one. Contact our Golf Director, Miles Blundell, at 315.361.8015 or today.

Question: I purchased concert tickets. How will I know what’s happening with shows?
If you bought tickets through the Turning Stone Box Office, you’ll receive an email
regarding the status of your show. If rescheduled to a later date, your ticket is still good!

  • If you need a refund for a rescheduled or cancelled show because you cannot attend, please contact
  • If you purchased your tickets at the Turning Stone Box Office (877.833.7469), a credit card refund may be processed. Cash sale refunds can only happen after we re-open.

Question: We had reservations for The Village RV Park. What is the status?
We’re open! Please visit our website for updates. If you have a reservation, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Question: Where can I get more information about the Health & Safety plan?
To read or download the full “Safer Together” plan, click here.