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20 2021


21 2021

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With an 8:1 participant to PGA Golf instructor ratio, these activities are designed to help your team up their game on the fairway and beyond. For only $30 per person per hour, choose up to three twenty-minute activities:

Chip, Pitch & Putt: Just like the Punt, Pass and Kick contests when you were a kid. Points will be accumulated by hitting specified targets for point values.

Putting Contest: Play 9 or 18 holes of golf on our indoor putting greens that are maintained to real green grass speed.

Alternate Shot-Putting Contest: Two-person teams will compete against each other in a 9 or 18 hole contest, with each player hitting alternate putts until the ball is holed out – a fun strategy exercise.

Bunker Shot Closest to the Pin: Hit shots from our indoor bunker to a target and compete to see who can get the closest.

Target Contests: Choose any of our nine targets, with points rewarded for difficulty.

Skee Ball: An amusement park classic: hit eight golf shots to numbered targets, the highest total score wins.

Hanging Ropes: Hit golf balls through our rope target zones. Accuracy is key with points rewarded for difficulty.

FlightScope® Club Head Speed: Test your driver speed on the latest technology from Flightscope®, which uses Doppler Technology to find your ideal clubs and ball.

FlightScope® Yardage Distances: Hit five shots each, the team with the highest total yardage wins.

Golf Instruction: Using the latest golf software such as FlightScope®, our PGA Instructors will teach you the fundamentals of the golf swing.

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