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28 2023


29 2023

Summer BBQ Secrets

If ever a cuisine deserved its own season, it's barbeque. Recognized across the country as the signature flavor of summer, barbequed meats, veggies and sides go hand-in-hand with laid-back summer fun.

At the heart and soul of Turning Stone Resort Casino, you'll find Tin Rooster Dancehall & BBQ, home to live country music and some of the best barbeque in New York State, with world-class pitmasters elevating BBQ to an art.

Here's a sneak peek under the hood of those slow smokers and wood-fired grills, where you'll find some summer barbecue secrets you can bring to your own backyard BBQ.

1. Low and slow. There's an old saying among pitmasters that "you can't rush a rib." The same goes for larger cuts of meat or whole game. We're talking 6-7 hours for ribs and 9-12 for done-to-the-turn brisket. Barbequing meat is done over low, indirect heat for longer periods, where grilling directly over a flame is typically reserved for smaller cuts of meat.

2. Rub it in. Tin Rooster Dancehall & BBQ's signature rub has 24 different ingredients, with spices we make from scratch in-house. Why the extra effort? Freshness of flavor. Instead of chili, try chipotle powder instead. A little pickle juice, vinegar and yellow mustard will help the rub stick.

3. To sauce or not to sauce. While Austin, Nashville, Kansas City and St. Louis all have their signature spins on what they claim to be the world's best BBQ sauce, even BBQ purists agree there are some meats that love sauce. At Tin Rooster Dancehall & BBQ, we always serve pork with a made-from-scratch BBQ sauce - especially pulled pork, where sauce enhances its juiciness.

4. Pickle perfection. Quality pickles are a BBQ must. Make your own pickles like we do at Tin Rooster Dancehall & BBQ and you'll never look a store-bought brand in the eye again. Serving up pulled port or brisket sliders or sandwiches? Pro tip, put the pickles on the bun before you top a sandwich. This lets the break soak up some of the brine of the pickle and disperse the flavor in every bite.

5. Hickory, maple and oak. Experiment with various flavors of wood chips. While we use mostly hickory and oak, other woods like apple, pecan and cherry infuse the meats with rich, fragrant flavors that will have your guests guessing at your secret. But hey, that's yours to tell...or not.

6. Mustard madness. Mustard is our favorite condiment to make from scratch. Our secret ingredient at Tin Rooster Dancehall & BBQ? Locally brewed gold medalist Saranac Adirondack Lager beer. Soaking mustard seeds in beer brings out the flavor, or if you're short on time, add your favorite lager to a quality jar of ground mustard and watch your guests' eyebrows raise when they taste the rich flavor.

7. Show-stealing sides. If you're making your own coleslaw, we recommend you always go mayo-based. Add enough sugar and honey to balance the acid, and for that, we use apple cider vinegar. Short on time? Let our Maple Leaf Markets do the work for you.

8. How to grill steaks to perfection. Two favorite cuts on Tin Rooster Dancehall & BBQ's menu are our Pitmaster Steak 12oz New York Strip and our 28oz T-Bone, both done to the turn over our wood-fired grill. Our secret to the flavor is a combination of locally sourced hickory and maple hardwood.

Have fun upping your grilling game, and here's wishing you a great BBQ season this summer. For takeout orders, stop by one of our three Maple Leaf Markets in Sherrill, Chittenango or Sylvan-Verona Beach.

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