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Fall Festival Bingo is Back

You could win your share of $135,000 in cash and prizes | Saturday, September 24

It's a game of anticipation. A game of chance. A game that's both thrilling and easy to play. And a game people across the globe can't get enough of. It's Bingo, and here at Turning Stone Resort Casino - home to the third largest Bingo hall in the world - it's tournament time.

Join us Saturday, September 24 for Fall Festival Bingo, a high-stakes all-day event with $135,000 in cash and prizes to be won. Here are a few highlights:

  • Jackpot pays up to $14,000
  • Special Games pay up to over $10,000
  • Regular Hames pay $4,000
  • More than $5,000 in door prizes, TVs, iPads, Apple Watches, $100 gift cards and more

Purchase presale tickets now in the Bingo Hall and get a free buy-in to the Sunday Matinee or Evening Session. If Bingo is your game, this one has your name on it.


$10k Bingo Games coming to CNY | Saturday, October 22

10K games

Save the date for October 22 when our $10K Bingo Games kicks off. Regular Games will pay $10,000 and Level 3 Jackpot will pay $25,000. Paper and electronic tickets are just $199. Purchase tickets in August and save $30, during September save $10, or save $10 when you purchase in advance in October.


Why are Bingo games so popular?

bingo girls

What's great about playing Bingo is that by its nature, it's a social game. It brings people together, whether it's family or a group of friends or people from the community. And because it's a game of chance above skill (though some would beg to differ), pretty much anyone can win.

Whether played for charity fundraisers at schools, in college dorm rooms for bragging rights, in retirement communities to help keep the brain sharp or as high roller Bingo at Bingo halls like the one at Turning Stone, its popularity is enjoying a resurgence.


What makes Turning Stone one of the best Bingo halls in the world?

Oneida Nation High Stakes Bingo is rated #3 in the world with comfortable seating for over 1100 players at Turning Stone's Bingo Hall. Here you can play on state-of-the-art Bingo system technology for your share at some of the highest payouts around.


How do you play casino Bingo?

bingo board

In the classic game of Bingo, the first one to match numbers drawing a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins the part of the prize being played for in that game. The fun - and the challenge - comes in playing multiple sheets at once.

Because Bingo is a game of speed, too many sheets and you may not spot your winning number in time to beat another player. Too few sheets and you have less of a chance of winning. The first person with a winning sheet to call out Bingo wins that game and its prizes.

Newer-approved game patterns took casino Bingo up a notch when they debuted, with names like Crazy Chevron, Letter X, Filled Champagne Glass and more. Some are played for fixed prizes, others for a generous percentage of sales, which make the stakes even more thrilling.


When was the first Bingo game played?

The game of Bingo has been around since at least the 1500s. It originated with the Italian lottery and was layer enjoyed by French nobles.

What does Bingo mean?

The word "Bingo" derived from the original way the game was played - with ordinary beans on a simple sheet of paper, thus the original name of "beano". 

But it was a clever American salesman who gets the credit for the name we know today. The story goes a toy salesman from New York named Edwin S. Lowe overheard someone shout our the name "Bingo" by mistake, and his marketing mind latched on.

In a brilliant move, Lowe enlisted the help of Columbian mathematician and professor Carl Leffler to increase the number of combinations on Bingo cards. The year was 1930, a year before gambling became legal in the United States. By then he had invented 6000 unique Bingo cards, which meant fewer people could get Bingo at the same time.


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