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28 2023


29 2023

Biggest Wedding Mistakes: The "Big 3" Common Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

There's an old saying that the "devil is in the details." Certainly not a guest you want at your wedding.

As the big day gets closer, many couples begin to wonder, "what am I forgetting to do for my wedding?" Over our years of experience, Turning Stone has seen it all - below are the "Big 3" mistakes we've seen that we help couples avoid.

The Big 3: Common Wedding Mistakes

Wedding Mistake #1: Leaning in the bridal party for wedding day assistance.

Often, couples will rely on the maid of honor or family member to act as their assistant for the day. Of course they'll be there for you, but keep their duties light so they don't take on the role of a professional coordinator. After all, they've been looking forward to this day, too.

Do this not that:

Weddings at Turning Stone include your own personal wedding coordinator who will be with you the entire day. Lean on them instead. Our coordinators will handle every detail, whether it's preparing the bridal ready room, grabbing coffee, make sure tip envelopes are ready, ensuring the rings arrive at the ceremony or rounding up the wedding party before the ceremony (believe us, it happen!).

Wedding Mistake #2: Not having full contingency plans.

Turning Stone has some of the most beautiful locations for outdoor weddings in Central New York - and more beautiful indoor contingency locations than anyone. Don't choose a location without a backup plan. After all, it's New York.

Do this not that:

Didn't anticipate snow in May? We did. And we will always have a backup banquet room reserved for you if plans move inside, or plenty of outdoor heaters at the ready. Didn't expect that a sunny day could be too sunny? We did, and have umbrellas on stands we can bring out to the lawn to help provide shade for your guests. Didn't even think about coat check? We did, it's one of those thoughtful details guests will appreciate. When it comes to weather, we've thought of everything - so you don't have to. View wedding packages.

Wedding Mistake #3: Leaving awkward gaps for guests.

We've all been to this wedding: the ceremony ends, the guests move on to the reception, and the wedding couple is...where? Off taking photos most likely, while the guests are left waiting indefinitely for festivities to resume.

Do this not that:

As New York State's the premier wedding venue and resort destination, your personal wedding coordinate at Turning Stone has all sorts of thoughtful ways to help curate wedding activities and entertainment during this time. What's more, your coordinator will know where your guests are and can help ensure everyone's at the ceremony before your arrival.

The thoughtful attention to detail, the years upon years of experience, the ability to anticipate every obstacle and have a plan in place, that is what our world-class wedding venue and masterful wedding coordinator bring.

With one of the most magical, enchanted days of your life is just ahead of you, know we'll be behind you every step of the way.  Meet your wedding coordinator. 

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