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04 2023


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NY Hunting Season

Experience an exceptional NY hunting preserve in Madison County.

Book a two-day sportsman's excursion with a fully guided red stag hunt or whitetail hunt, meals and accommodations at Turning Stone Resort Casino.

On a crisp fall morning in Central New York, a hunter watches breathlessly as a motion in a dense cover across from him catches his eye. The movement stops and for a moment, time stands still. Branches snap and the first leaves of fall crackle underfoot as a magnificent red stag steps into the clearing. It's a breathtaking sight. This must be the stag the guide said he'd seen in this same area just two days ago. If his extraordinary antlers didn't already reveal his likely dominance in his herd, his slight slip in focus with the rut in full swing would have tipped his hand. In 22 years as a hunter, this is the stag he's dreamed of. He lets himself drink in the moment for a split second...then he takes the shot.

If you could picture yourself in that story, or maybe even felt your own pulse quicken imagining the scene unfolding in front of your own eyes, perhaps it's time you experience it for yourself. Welcome to The Preserve.

Prized red stag and big buck whitetail make The Preserve one of the best places for deer hunting in New York.

On 3,000 pristine acres in Madison County, New York, you'll find The Preserve, an exceptional private hunting property owned and operated by Oneida Indian Nation Outfitters.

The land is a hunter’s dream. Dense cover and a forest thick with age-old hardwoods gives way to streams, ponds and riparian zones teeming with wildlife, all signs of a thriving habitat for trophy red stag, big buck whitetail and game birds.

Enjoy big buck hunting season in NY on a fully guided 2-day excursion

While it’s one of the largest private hunting preserves on the East Coast, The Preserve is also among the most exclusive. Limited to two guests per guide and with only two highly skilled guides on staff, you’ll feel like you nearly have the entire Preserve to yourself. You, that is, and some of the finest red stag and whitetail deer in New York.

During your fully guided, two-day hunts, your guides will assist you in tracking, recovering and extracting your deer.

Our guides are not only experienced hunters, they’re also your hosts for your stay, handling everything from your check-in, meals, transportation to and from the hunting grounds, equipment rental and arrangements for full finishing services on request.

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A sportsman’s weekend beyond expectations

Red stag and whitetail deer hunt weekends begin with a 2:00 p.m. Friday check-in at Turning Stone Resort Casino. Guides pick up their guests at the resort and it’s off to the Preserve for a tour and safety skills assessment. 

Your guide also serves as your concierge, from meeting you at the valet to securing your firearms should you bring your own to arranging dinner reservations during your stay.

With 20 restaurant and dining venues on property, your choices are endless. Grab a cold beer from local breweries at our lively Upstate Tavern, where American classics take a New York twist and no reservations are needed.

Or head up to the penthouse for a panoramic view at TS Steakhouse, where craft cocktails or an award-winning wine welcomes you to the table. On the menu, enjoy a refreshing new take on steakhouse classics like chilled lobster cocktail, a bone-in ribeye with your choice of four scratch-made sauces or seared duck with grilled asparagus, duck fat confit potato and a mostarda of fresh peaches. If that sounds like an elevated menu for a steakhouse, did we mention it’s on the 21st floor of The Tower? 

Award-winning accommodations plus The Preserve's private home on property.

While the Preserve itself is an exceptional place to hunt, this sportsman's excursion also offers an exceptional place to stay. Turning Stone Resort Casino takes home the trophy as New York's most awarded resort.

With world-class gaming options, an award-winning spa, four-season golf, seven award-winning restaurants, this AAA Four-Diamond property offers an abundance of this to do at this destination resort for family or other non-hunters traveling along.

Perhaps what makes your stay most unique is the Preserve's private home on property, which you also have use of during your 2-day hunt. This home serves as the staging area for hunters, a place to warm up after a brisk morning in the stands or even catch a quick nap after an early start. It's also where lunch will be served, with choices from a Taste of Turning Stone menu, offering favorites from the resort's most popular restaurants.

At the end of your hunt, full fishing services are available upon request. Our guide can also assist in coordinating taxidermy services.

When is the peak hunting season in New York for red stag and whitetail deer?

This is undoubtedly the question our caretaker and guides get the most. Red stag hunting in New York at the Preserve runs from mid-September to the end of January. Here you'll find the best selection of trophy red stag anywhere in the country.

At the Preserve, you can choose your style of hunting: spot-and-stalk, hunting from a blind or safari style.

Whitetail hunting is open from October to late December, with November being its peak at the sprawling 3,000-acre Preserve.

Goose, Duck and Turkey Hunting at the Preserve

Four-hour hunts are also available at the Preserve for goose and duck from September through December, with Turkey hunts in May and October.

Riparian zones, ponds and streams make the Preserve a favorite stop for migrating geese and a favorite home for ducks and turkey. 

The hunt starts before dawn, with an expert guide accompanying hunters into the field to help call for the desired waterfowl. The hunt concludes at noon or once limits are reached. 

Reserve your red stag hunt or whitetail hunt early this season

With so many repeat guests year after year, early reservations are recommended. Call today for a truly memorable sportsman’s weekend. We look forward to welcoming you.

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