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30 2022


01 2022

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Oneida Indian Nation Announces Two Weeks of Additional Coronavirus Related Paid Time Off for Employees

The measure goes into effect immediately to help full-time employees in a time of need and uncertainty produced by the spread of COVID-19. 

Oneida Indian Nation announced today full-time employees of its various enterprises will be receiving two additional weeks of coronavirus related Paid Time Off (PTO). This multi-million dollar investment is being provided to help employees and their families defray the economic impact caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Each full-time employee will immediately receive an additional 80 hours of authorized paid leave in addition to whatever PTO has already been accrued. Authorized and enacted by Oneida Indian Nation leadership, this measure is designed to provide some degree of relief during the coming months when the financial impacts of the coronavirus are expected to be the most acute.

These 80 hours of paid leave can be used for any coronavirus-related purpose including

  • Leave time to recover from contracting the coronavirus
  • Self-quarantine while employees are being tested for the coronavirus
  • Leave time to care for family members who have contracted the coronavirus 
  • Leave time to care for children displaced due to the school closures resulting from the virus
  • Offsetting lost pay resulting from reduced working hours caused by decreased guest visits related to the coronavirus.

 In addition to funding two weeks of additional coronavirus related paid time off for employees, the Oneida Indian Nation is also working to find suitable alternate work opportunities wherever available in order to further help its workforce. Alternative jobs include training for dealers.  For example, several sports ticket writers are enrolling in six-week dealer training schools, at their full rate of pay, to increase their applicable skills.

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