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01 2023


02 2023

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Empowering Dealers to be Authentic

In many ways, table games dealers are the main attractions on the floor at Turning Stone Resort Casino.

Sure, these men and women are tasked with the mission critical jobs of running our table games. And, yes, to get those coveted jobs, dealers must go through rigorous training programs.

But the way we see it, our dealers are guest ambassadors—customer service representatives who have been trusted with the mission-critical responsibility of keeping guests happy and engaged, no matter how the game itself is going.

This commitment to making customers feel comfortable begins in dealer school. During a recent program, Guy Renzi, vice president of gaming operations, met with prospective dealers to remind them that a big part of their jobs includes being friendly, affable, and otherwise likeable as often as it is humanly possible to do so.

“You’re not robots,” Guy told the crew, offering recollections and anecdotes from his younger days as a dealer in Atlantic City. “The more personal you can be, the more fun everyone is going to have.”

Turning Stone dealers engage our guests in other ways, too.

In the main pits, you might catch a dealer singing along to music or giving guests high fives after a big win. In the Asian games room, one dealer has become renowned for one-of-a-kind gambling-themed earrings.

Beyond this, because many of our guests visit the casino multiple times a month, we encourage our dealers treat guests like friends or family.

Guy said he encourages dealers to be who they are, noting that guests love authenticity.

“When you’re able to express yourself, you feel better about yourself, and when you look good you feel good,” he said. “This good feeling resonates to our guests and that provides a much better experience for everybody on the casino floor.”


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