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Inside a Golf Fitting

There’s no greater indulgence for golfers than having a professional outfit them with new clubs designed to maximize the strengths of their games.

This is called a “golf fitting,” and it’s something the pros in our Sportsplex & Superstore do with aplomb.

In fact, the year 2021 saw more golf fittings at Turning Stone Resort Casino than any other in recent history. This uptick dovetailed with another spike: Turning Stone saw a nearly 50 percent increase in golfers visiting this year, with guests traveling from 41 different states.

Assistant Golf Professional Ryan McGinnis said this suggests veteran players are getting more serious about golf and newer players are flocking to the game.

“I like to think of fittings as the ultimate try-out; they’re great opportunities to come in, make sure your gear is up to date and guarantee that you’re getting everything you want out of the gear you’re using,” he said. “When it comes to hitting golf balls, the right shafts and heads can make all the difference in the world.”

At Turning Stone, the fitting experience is full-service. Pros ask guests what they want from new clubs and then have guests use their old gear to strike some balls. Because the Sportsplex & Superstore carries most vendors, guests can try any irons, drivers, wedges, and putters they want.

Ryan explained that the first area of focus is the club head. Pros will ask what club head is going to give guests the best opportunity to reach lower scores or gain more distance on each shot.

Once guests select a head, pros dive into shafts.

“The shaft is the engine of the golf club; it helps make the ball do what you want it to do,” Ryan noted. “From there we usually go to the grip, which plays a huge part in ball flight as well.”

Once guests select their new clubs, they are encouraged to try out the new toys at one of the 40 hitting stations in the indoor 100-yard-long golf dome or the indoor 17,000-square-feet short game area. Including practice time, even the most complicated fittings usually get wrapped up in less than two hours. Many are finished even more quickly than that.

When asked why 2021 was so popular for fittings, Ryan said it all comes down to service.

“People who come here know they’re going to get the best service,” he explained. “We’re not trying to sell them the most expensive clubs; it’s all about what works best for them. There’s a trust between us and the guest and that keeps them returning year after year.”

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