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02 2023


03 2023

Destination TS

Blazing a Trail of Winners

A new side bet on blackjack tables at Turning Stone Resort Casino (and our satellite casinos) is making guests wealthy like clockwork—almost monthly. 

The bet, named Blazing 7s, is an optional wager on most blackjack tables and if players’ first two cards and the dealer’s up card are all 7s of the same suit, they win! There are 32 tables across three properties that offer the game, and all side bets go into a progressive jackpot, which means a standard $5 bet can win guests some serious coin.

So far, Oneida Nation Enterprises guests have triggered the Blazing 7s jackpot three times in three months since the game went live. 

The most recent winner, at YBR Casino & Sports Book, turned a $5 bet into more than $83,000. In late spring, another guest turned a $5 bet into more than $130,000.

Guy Renzi, vice president of gaming operations, is delighted with the new offering.

In particular, Guy said the new side bet is creating quite a buzz for how frequently it has been hitting, and it has extended and amplified Turning Stone’s reputation as a casino that continues to innovate.

“We knew it’d be exciting but so far the game has exceeded our wildest expectations,” Guy said. “We are constantly striving to provide our guests with the latest and greatest games, and this side bet is absolutely no exception to that promise.”

Whenever the Blazing 7s progressive jackpot hits, it reseeds at $10,000. From there, it grows quickly, ensuring a sizable bonus just about all the time.

Blazing 7s triggers smaller payouts for other outcomes—three sevens of different suits, two sevens, or even one seven. Sevens are indeed lucky on the gaming floor at Turning Stone this summer.




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