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Book Now for Summer Bingo Blowout

Turning Stone Resort Casino is gearing up for its biggest bingo event of the summer—an event that will dole out a total of $350,000 in cash prizes, guaranteed.

We call the July 30 session our “$350k Summer Blowout,” and it represents our biggest-paying session of the year. On this day, regular games pay $15,000 apiece, specials pay $20,000 apiece, and the Level 3 jackpot pays a guaranteed $100,000.

Another major attraction of the big night: Dinner is included.

“On this day, it’s all about giving things away,” said Samantha Archer, Director of Bingo Operations. “We’ve got dozens of different play options, lots of different prizes, and an atmosphere that is all about winning. It’s definitely one of the most exciting bingo events we put on for guests the entire year.”

Admission for the July 30 event is $259, which includes all regular-session games, a Pick 8, the Bonanza board, the Level 3 jackpot game, and dinner. The menu for dinner features carved roast turkey, grilled ham steak, stuffed shells, string beans, mashed potatoes, salad, and ice cream and cake for dessert.

Guests who reserve spots before July 30 get $10 off admission; advance reservations are recommended because they enable staff to prebuild packages so guests don’t have to wait on the day of the event.           

For Samantha, the most exciting aspect of the Summer Blowout is the Level 3 jackpot that guarantees $100,000. She said most bingo halls rarely offer jackpots this large, and noted that when they do, the jackpots are nearly impossible to hit. Turning Stone, on the other hand, offers bundles where guests can add extra cards to their package, thereby increasing the number of chances to win.

She added that the more cards guests purchase, the cheaper they become.

“We aim to send people home with life-changing amounts of money,” she said. “Even our smaller jackpots of $15,000 aren’t just pocket change. With the amount of games we’re playing, and the number of games that give out serious cash, people win a lot. It’s exciting to watch people win that kind of money. This is one session people don’t want to miss.”




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