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02 2023


03 2023

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Dynamic Duo Key to Bingo Success

This year marks the 29th anniversary of Turning Stone Resort Casino, but our High Stakes Bingo Hall is even older than that, and two bingo employees have been here from just about the very beginning.

The employees—Vickie Delaney and Charles “Randy” Myers—have more than 62 years of experience between the two of them. Both remember working the Bingo Hall before Turning Stone opened and marvel at how much the resort has grown since then. 

Randy started first, joining the team as a service representative in 1990. He was coming off a career as a chef and thought it might be fun to work at a bingo hall. Though the bingo operations have expanded, he still enjoys spending his shifts selling bingo cards, validating payouts, helping guests purchase dabbers and other items, and providing additional support as needed.

Before a recent game, for instance, he helped a blind guest make her way from the front door to her seat, then helped get her set up with her electronic boards.

“For me this job is less about bingo and more about people,” he said. “It’s like everyone is family.”

Vickie, who is now bingo manager, joined in 1992—first as a part-time service representative, then eventually transitioning into full-time employment. Vickie also moved quickly into leadership; today her job revolves around making sure games are running smoothly and that payouts are handled quickly.

Both employees have gone above and beyond to make bingo at Turning Stone unforgettable. Randy, who lives in Oneida, remembered a promotion from the early 1990s during which winners came to the front of the room and picked a lollipop from a tree to determine their prize. He said he had to learn how to skip so he could escort winners to the front.

“Back in my day, they didn’t teach boys to skip,” he joked. “It was fun to learn that for my job and do something silly to make people laugh.”

Vickie, who lives in Canastota, remembered facilitating similar games where prizes were tied to stuffed animals. These games, dubbed “Pick a Pet,” are still offered today. While guests certainly appreciate the monetary prizes attached to each stuffy, they also love the opportunity to select their own toy.

For Vickie, these interpersonal connections are what make the job fun.

“Slot machines are self-serve, but here in the Bingo Hall you can’t play unless you’ve had an interaction with a person,” she said. “We’re here to provide enjoyment for our guests, and that’s really special.”




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