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Secret VIP Experience at Turquoise Tiger

The vibe at Turquoise Tiger in our Exit 33 entertainment wing is a throwback to the 1930s and 1940s—an Art Deco wonderland with crystal chandeliers, tufted banquettes, and pictures of Frank Sinatra hung on the walls.

Despite this classic speakeasy vibe, the venue has adopted a very modern spin on enjoying an evening out: bottle service.

This approach, made famous in New York City nightclubs in the 1980s, basically gives guests the opportunity to save themselves a trip to the bar itself. Instead, they can order an entire bottle of liquor with mixers and garnish, and a server monitors the table to custom-make cocktails whenever guests decide they want another drink.

Turquoise Tiger doesn’t advertise this service, but Nightlife and Bar Manager Vinny Belfiore said he provides it as an amenity for guests who roll in with a medium- to large-sized group who would like to spread out at one of the banquettes that line the side walls.

“It’s a great way to enjoy a night with friends,” Vinny said, noting that all tables have a clear and elevated view of the stage. “You’ve got everything you need right at your table, all night long.”

Vinny said guests can choose from several different bottles for their bottle service, noting that the most popular option at this point in the summer is Tito’s vodka. He added that while pricing varies, it usually comes out to about $30 to $40 per person, who all receive enough drinks for the entire night —significantly less than what clubgoers paid in New York in the 1980s, and less than the going rates at nightclubs in Las Vegas today.

Guests who sign up for bottle service can also order their own cocktails or beer; these items are charged individually on the bar tab.

“Getting bottle service doesn’t limit you in any way, it just enhances the experience for everyone involved,” Vinny said. “Turquoise Tiger already has an air of sophistication; signing up for bottle service just makes it feel even more glamorous, setting up nights you’ll remember forever.”




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