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02 2023


03 2023

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The Ring of Poker Bling

Championship trophies in the four major professional sports are so cumbersome. The Stanley Cup is basically a giant chalice with thousands of names on it. The Commissioner’s Trophy in baseball has 30 gold-pleated flags sticking out.

Poker, on the other hand, keeps things simple: If you win, you get bling. Period.

Of course, the type of bling you get depends on the type of tournament you win. Play in a cash game at the local card room and maybe you’ll win a Zirconium-studded dog collar. Take down an official World Series of Poker event, however, and you’ll find yourself in line for swag and jewels fit for a king.

During the main WSOP in Las Vegas, winners of each event earn a gold-and-diamond bracelet with the name of the event, the WSOP seal, and a fancy chain. During the WSOP Circuit event coming up later this month here at Turning Stone, winners receive big, fancy rings commemorating the first-ever official WSOP Circuit in New York.

Fifteen rings have been on display in a case in the poker room since mid-February, and will remain there until the Circuit begins.

From that point, the rings will be on display in the Event Center, where the Circuit is being held.

The rings themselves are the kinds of baubles about which Beyonce might sing. They are made by Jostens, the same company that creates Super Bowl and NBA Championship rings. On the front, they say “WSOP Circuit Event” in big letters.

Director of Poker Frank Foti, said the rings have value within the poker community, where they are regarded as a status symbol and a sign that the owner most certainly knows how to play.

“Whether you’re playing a tournament or you’re just playing a cash game, if you sit down at a table with a ring everyone is going to notice and think, ‘Wow, they  won one of these,’” Frank said. “The bracelet is the bracelet; it’s iconic. But the next best thing is the ring. It’s great that we get to be the ones to give those away next.”




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