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01 2023


02 2023

Destination TS

Walls of Fame

As far as famous walls go, the Great Wall of China and the Green Monster have nothing on the backstage hallways at The Showroom inside Turning Stone Resort Casino.

The hallways, which connect green rooms and administration offices with the stage itself, are lined with posters advertising decades’ worth of events held at the venue. Taken as a whole, the posters provide a sort of living history of epic shows and performers who have graced The Showroom over the years.

Sam Brown, entertainment operations manager, estimates there are “hundreds” of posters that have been autographed by the performers.

“It’s pretty amazing when you think about the breadth of artists we’ve had,” he said.

Some of the most beloved posters include those advertising shows with legends such as James Brown, George Carlin, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, Loretta Lynn, Huey Lewis, Tom Jones, Lou Rawls, Vanessa Williams and Earth, Wind & Fire, to name a few. Other posters herald shows from more contemporary artists such as Brad Paisley and Melissa Etheridge. There are even a few with signatures from Weird Al Yankovic.

The posters have become part of the post-show routine at The Showroom. Back before COVID, when acts were coming through the venue regularly, Sam and his staff would use special Sharpies to get artists to autograph the 13x20-inch posters, then laminate the posters for the walls.

From there, a member of Sam’s staff would hang each poster next to others, adding to the living and colorful chronicle of those artists who’ve graced our stage.

“I know there aren’t many other major performing arts venues in this part of the world, so this is a great way to keep the community active in the arts,” Sam said.



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