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29 2021


30 2021

Destination TS

Around Italy in One Night

Imagine tasting the varied flavors of Italy, all without ever hopping on a plane or leaving Upstate New York.

This is the idea behind Turning Stone’s “Culinary Tour of Italy” at Pino Bianco restaurant.

The event, which runs through the rest of the year, spotlights cuisine from a different region of Italy each month. In June, for instance, Chef Richard Skoyec will prepare a special menu of dishes from Campania, the southwestern region known for producing the juiciest tomatoes in the world.

Next month, Chef Richard will spotlight the southern region of Calabria, which is known for sun-dried tomatoes, zesty garlic, and the red-hot chili peppers.

The food is served family-style, which means the platters are designed to be shared.

Dishes are authentic and delicious. One of the chef’s strengths: sauces, which should prove to be particularly tasty during the June, Campania-themed feast.

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