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02 2023


03 2023

Destination TS

The Best Show in Upstate New York

The greatest spectacle in all of Upstate New York is sunset from a lounge or dining room table at TS Steakhouse atop the Turning Stone Resort Casino.

This event, which obviously is best on clear and cloudless nights, is sure to create instant memories, as well as a host of great opportunities for the perfect Instagram photos to share with followers and friends.

Perhaps the best part: The show is totally free.

Nature’s greatest fireworks show unfolds at a different time every day; this month the action happens smack in the middle of prime dinner time. While there’s no green flash at the exact moment the sun dips below the horizon, the spectacle is pretty mind-boggling. One of the reasons: the TS Steakhouse sits on the 21st floor, more than 250 feet above the ground.

Guests and fellow diners respond to the main event in similar fashion. As the sun gets closer to the line of trees in the distance, guests and fellow diners whip out their cell-phone cameras, prepping to capture the magical moment.

When the orange orb starts to drop, everyone puts down their forks and knives to admire the wonder of nature. Most nights it’s so quiet at sunset, you could hear a chip drop.

You’ll always know the sun has set by hitting up Turning Stone’s social media; for about five minutes after dusk every night, the #turningstone hashtag is flooded with sunset pics from guests who watched it first-hand.

While some of these guests build a dinner around sunset, others come just for martinis (dare we call them “sundowners?”) and a side of breathtaking beauty. Whichever strategy you think will work best for you, it’s always a good idea to make a reservation. Just be sure to ask for a table facing west, and Mother Nature herself will take care of the rest.



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