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Thanksgiving Dinner, Turning Stone Style

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of spending 10 hours cooking another Thanksgiving dinner, the award-winning chefs at Turning Stone Resort Casino have your back.

Led by Assistant Executive Chef Kevin Giunta, Turning Stone chefs will prepare hundreds of Thanksgiving dinners with all the fixings for guests to purchase in advance of the holiday at the end of this month. Meals are packaged to feed groups of four for $69.00 or eight for $119.99, and guests can pick up food at Maple Leaf Markets around the region.

Chef Kevin said each meal comprises turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce.

Additional options such as house-made butternut squash soup (Chef Kevin has been using the recipe for more than 30 years) and apple or pumpkin pies will be available as well.

All the food is prepared in Turning Stone’s Commissary Kitchen, the same kitchen that preps the basics for Thanksgiving meals at Emerald, Pino Bianco, Upstate Tavern and more. Over the course of Thanksgiving week, Chef Kevin noted he and his chef team will make 2,000 pounds of turkey, 2,000 pounds of stuffing, 100 gallons of cranberry sauce, and 100 gallons of gravy overall.

“I cook for a living, and there’s something really wonderful about enjoying the holiday with family and not having to worry about preparing the meal,” he said. “When you consider that the meals we’re producing are being made by world-class chefs in our world-class kitchen, it’s a great value.” 

As Kevin explains it, Turning Stone chefs have been preparing for this promotion for months.

They ordered turkeys back in September. They’ve been drying out bread for stuffing since mid-October. They’ll make gravy from bones. And the cranberry sauce will be composed of fresh whole cranberries.

“We’re really embracing classical techniques to create a homemade meal that makes everyone feel like their grandmother made it,” Chef Kevin joked. “Most restaurants don’t use these techniques anymore. The way we see it, great product and heartfelt preparation lead to wonderful meals.”

Click HERE for more information or to pre-order your holiday meal today.



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