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Halloween themed Boozy Milkshake with Alcohol

Celebrating Halloween with Boozy Milkshakes

Kids and parents across the country know that “Trick or Treat” is a common Halloween greeting. This year adult guests at Upstate Tavern inside Turning Stone Resort Casino might as well say “Trick or Boozy Milkshake” instead, as chefs have created a special over-21 ice cream beverage to accompany the five the restaurant usually has on its list.

The special limited-time milkshake is called the Spooky Boozy Shake, and the base comprises cookies ‘n cream ice cream and one shot of vodka. The sweet treat is topped with whipped cream, a festive chocolate disc, and a sweet skewer of two marshmallows and an Oreo cookie decorated to look like ghosts or pumpkins. The glass itself is rimmed with chocolate, Oreo bits, and orange and black sprinkles.

The shake is available through Halloween at the end of the month.

According to Chef de Cuisine Dustin Tuthill, the shake represents Upstate Tavern’s attempt to capture the holiday spirit and serve it in a glass.

“Throughout the year we offer up these special seasonal items to be more festive and really embrace the spirit that surrounds each holiday,” he said. “It’s just another way to celebrate.”

The Halloween shake joins four other stalwarts on the menu: the Peach Pie (with vanilla bean ice cream and peach vodka), Vanilla Bacon Bourbon (with vanilla bean ice cream and Saint Lawrence Captain’s Flask Bourbon), Candy Bar Crush (with chocolate ice cream, Myers’s Rum, and Dark Crème de Cocoa), and Mocha Brownie (with chocolate ice cream and Death Wish Coffee Vodka).

All four of these shakes have over-the-top toppings. The Peach Pie, for instance, has whole chunks of peach pie, while the Mocha Brownie comes with brownie pieces and a tiny chocolate coffee cup filled with Saint Lawrence Empire Cream Whiskey.

Dustin said the Turning Stone pastry department comes up with recipes for the boozy milkshakes and adds that most shakes are created to pair nicely with popular tavern food items such as French fries, burgers, and more.

Looking forward, Upstate Tavern will add another seasonal shake in time for Thanksgiving.

While Dustin wouldn’t say much about this next treat, he revealed that it might incorporate flavors of toasted marshmallow and sweet potato pie. Keep your bellies ready!



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