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Beyond the Sushi at Sushi Sushi

The name of Turning Stone Resort Casino’s Japanese restaurant leaves little to the imagination: We call it Sushi Sushi, and it’s our only full-time sushi restaurant on-site.

Despite this moniker, the restaurant offers quite a bit more than just sushi, sashimi, nigiri, and maki.

One of the highlights of the menu is the noodle section, which boasts four distinct options from Executive Sous Chef Adam Burton. As Adam explained it, these dishes are designed to give diners options to compliment raw fish.

“Our noodle dishes are delicious—especially on chilly days they warm you from the inside,” he said. “As much as our guests love ordering and eating sushi, they also appreciate having options when they come in. In some cases, our noodle dishes are the go-to orders for regular guests, like comfort food in a totally different style.”

The Wonton Noodles, for instance, is a cross between wonton soup and noodle soup—chicken and pork dumplings with egg noodles in a chicken broth.

Sushi Sushi’s Shoyu Ramen comprises rice noodles with pork chashu, corn, and scallions in a dark soy broth.

Our Pho Bo Beef is the Turning Stone take on pho, which is commonly known as Vietnamese stew. This dish includes beef broth, rice noodles, eye round of beef, and traditional accoutrements such as sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, and more.

Finally, the Pho Ga Chicken is chicken broth, rice noodles, sliced chicken, and traditional pho accoutrements.

Adam said the pho dishes are incredibly popular because guests can customize each one.

“One of the best things about pho is that you can choose which of the accouterments to put into the soup,” Adam said. “In this sense you can personalize every single bowl and make it exactly how you like it every time.”

Believe it or not, many guests opt to get noodle dishes to go, so they can enjoy them in the privacy of their own rooms, in the food court, or elsewhere at the resort.

Wherever guests eat our noodles, they enjoy them. There’s more to Sushi Sushi than sushi after all.




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May 18, 2022
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