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02 2023


03 2023

Destination TS

Around the World in 4 Drinks

Order wisely, and it’s possible to travel the world without ever leaving the property at Turning Stone Resort Casino.

The secret: Drinks. Our bars and restaurants offer up some regional and geographically unique beverages that, when consumed in moderation, can make you feel as if you’re traveling the world with every sip.

Here’s a look at four of our more cosmopolitan options:

Sake at Sushi Sushi: Our Japanese restaurant has amassed a huge following in a short time. While some credit our sushi rolls, others say guests have embraced the eatery for its authentic beer and sake list. Items on this list include Sapporo and Tsingtao beer, as well as several variations of imported Gekkeikan sake. Restaurant managers also serve Ozeki and Joto Daiginjo as two drier sake options. Kampai!

Limoncello at Pino Bianco: Italian food is front-and-center at our signature Italian restaurant, and the sweet and tart Pallini Limoncello is an aperitif straight from Italy. The yellow elixir is made from prized Sfusato lemons, which are exclusive to the Amalfi coast and infused immediately so their freshness and flavor are delivered in every bottle.

Craft beer at Upstate Tavern: Our bar concept, Upstate Tavern, won a 2021 Best Dining & Nightlife Award from Casino Player Magazine for its craft beer selection, and our lineup has gotten even better since then. On a recent weekend, we were pouring Singlecut Brewsmiths 18-Watt IPA, Ommegang Brewery’s Idyll Days Pilsner, and Frog Alley Brewing Co.’s Re4resh IPA. To drink the best of New York, come to Upstate Tavern.

Cognacs/Armagnacs from TS Steakhouse: There’s no better way to finish off an epic steak dinner than with a snifter of Cognac or Armagnac. The bar at TS Steakhouse stocks nearly a dozen different kinds of Remy Martin or Hennessey—a testament to the French regions from which they come.




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